Latest developments in EUA learning and teaching activities

17 January 2019

The outcomes of the meetings of two of EUA’s 2018 Learning & Teaching Thematic Peer Groups are now published as part of EUA’s newly launched series of Learning & Teaching papers.

The reports by the ‘Career paths in teaching’ and ‘Continuous development of teaching competences’ groups are already available online. To complement the reports, group members Saartje Creten and Iwona Maciejowska share their professional insights into the topics of the reports in their ‘Expert Voices’ articles.

The other two group reports – regarding the evaluation of learning and teaching and active learning – will follow in the next two weeks.

To learn more about the findings of these groups, sign up for the 2019 European Learning & Teaching Forum, hosted by the University of Warsaw on 14-15 February, where, among other things, you will have a chance to participate in breakout sessions facilitated by members of the groups. Registrations for the Forum are open until 30 January.

EUA is also currently looking for member universities to take part in the 2019 Learning & Teaching Thematic Peer Groups, which will focus on student assessment, curriculum design, evidence-based approaches to teaching, and internationalisation in learning and teaching. If you are interested in enhancing learning and teaching through exchanges at a European level, submit your application by 30 January.

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