Horizon Europe: University associations unite in response to EU Commission proposal

15 June 2018

EUA and more than a dozen other university associations have united to issue a common response to the European Commission’s proposal for Horizon Europe. The 14 signatory associations discussed the Commission’s proposal and outlined the most crucial elements that need to be ironed out in the negotiating process.

“We are calling on European policy makers to ensure that Horizon Europe will be well-designed to achieve future European ambitions and strengthen values,” said Martine Rahier, EUA Vice President. “It needs the best blueprint possible to properly reinforce the research and innovation that will impact Europe’s societies, the economy, and our daily lives.”

Released on 7 June, the outline for the Ninth Framework Programme for Research and Innovation provides a basis for defining the 2021-2027 programme’s structure, rules for participation, content and funding.

The common statement echoes key messages that EUA has brought forward now for several months. It asks the European Parliament and Council to increase the total funding; review the budget allocation; foresee better linkages between research, innovation and education; include a human and societal reflection and options for fundamental research in all clusters and missions; and put the European Research Area at the centre of the programme.

“Our most important recommendation is to increase Horizon Europe’s total budget,” said Lesley Wilson, EUA Secretary General. “To meet the EU’s ambitious goals for the programme, universities are calling for funding to be doubled to €160 billion.”

In addition to the joint statement, EUA has released its own detailed analysis of the Commission’s proposal. The Association will continue to follow the Horizon Europe negotiations and provide further input and evidence from the sector. The Association’s recommendations are highly-informed by an EUA member survey on the topic and its EU Funding for Universities campaign.

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