ESN launches XV Edition of the ESNsurvey

06 June 2023

The Erasmus Student Network (ESN), the largest student organisation supporting student mobilities in 44 European and Asian countries, has launched a new edition of its flagship research project, the ESNsurvey.

The data collection is open from 29 May until 31 July, and it targets students who have participated in exchange programmes or mobilities abroad during the last two years, as well as students who have not taken part in mobility yet.

The survey seeks to monitor the implementation of mobility programmes and the experience of international learners abroad, as well as the perceptions of students who have not participated in international student mobility yet. Its first edition was launched in 2005, and thirteen more editions have been published since. The ESNsurvey has become one of the most relevant research publications in the field of student mobilities and the Erasmus+ programme.

The survey can be filled out on For any queries about the ESNsurvey, do not hesitate to contact

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