EUA is a major supporter of the EU’s Erasmus+ programme. One of Europe’s most successful initiatives, Erasmus+ is of high importance for the European higher education community. It enables cooperation within Europe, with the EU Neighbourhood and beyond, and provides opportunities for millions of Europeans and international students to study and gain work experience abroad. Thus, it enhances the quality and international standing of European higher education and its contribution to society. 

The Association is very active in working with EU policy makers to ensure that the programme and its successors have the very best design possible, as well as sufficient funding. EUA, through feedback from its many members, gathers data and analyses what works and what needs improvement in the programme. 

Currently, EUA is involved in providing input to the design of the next generation of the programme to start in 2020. The Association has consistently advocated for policy makers to match the success of the programme with funding. It has also pushed for more simplification in order to decrease the bureaucratic burden, and thus work loads and additional costs. Notably, EUA has advocated for a more equitable participation through the establishment of a flexible Erasmus+ grant, among others, to integrate international talent with a protection status.

EUA conducts this work along side its efforts to provide policy makers with input on the design for the EU’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. On the funding side, it promotes its recommendations through the EU funding for universities campaign.


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    Research, innovation and education hold the key to Europe’s long-term recovery and resilience

    The European Commission’s new proposal for the next seven-year budget of the European Union together with the Next Generation EU recovery plan falls short of much needed investment in research, innovation and education.

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    Where the EU should invest in the future - EUA recommendations for the post-2020 Multiannual...

    Addressing Europe’s key challenges and ensuring sustainable development requires the EU to have a well-functioning budget and to revisit its investment priorities. Cooperation in research and education is a key facilitator in achieving these goals and should therefore be a top investment priority for the Union in the future. The Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP), the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) and Erasmus+ (E+) are important tools in channelling such investment, make it available to beneficiaries and provide a framework for cooperation.

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