EUA has closely followed Brexit since the very beginning, dedicating a team of experts to advocacy activities on behalf of its members. The Association aims at informing the members about the consequences of Brexit for future cooperation, and it is working towards retaining the strong links between universities in the UK and the rest of Europe. It is cooperating closely with its member Universities UK to ensure that British universities remain an essential part of the European family of universities, which extends beyond EU borders.

In this effort, EUA is using its expertise in higher education and research policy to follow and influence Brexit’s potential impact on the sector. In particular, it is closely monitoring how Brexit will impact UK participation in EU research programmes, like Horizon Europe, as well as Erasmus+. The Association has also published positions and factsheets that can be seen below, as well as guidance to members to mitigate the effects of the UK leaving the EU.

EUA will continue to follow the negotiations, inform its members and reinforce contacts at the European level to advocate for continued close cooperation between the EU and the UK in higher education and research after Brexit.

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