Leadership in and for doctoral education

Fostering leadership competences in doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers

  • Philip Mair, Head of Doctoral School unit, Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland
  • Ronald de Bruin, Director, COST Association
  • Nel Grillaert, Coordinator Postdoc Talent Management, Ghent University, Belgium

Steering transformation: The role of leadership in doctoral education

  • Thomas Estermann, Director for Governance, Funding and Public Policy Development, European University Association

Leadership as the catalyst: Systematic transformation in doctoral education

  • Nicholas Vella, Director of the Doctoral School, University of Malta, Malta
  • Aleksandra Lewandowska, General Board Member, Eurodoc; International Cooperation Representative, Polish Association of Doctoral Candidates, Poland
  • Gotzone Barandika Argoitia, Head of Doctoral School, University of the Basque Country; President, Conferencia de Directores de Escuelas de Doctorado (CDED), Spain
  • Milan Pospíšil, Rector, University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, Czech Republic

Leadership, mentorship, and supervision: Balancing autonomy and guidance for doctoral candidates

  • Pirjo Nikander, Research Director of the Doctoral School, Tampere University, Finland; EUA-CDE Steering Committee member
  •  Eneli Kindsiko, Expert, Foresight Centre at the Estonian Parliament; Associate Professor in Qualitative Research, University of Tartu, Estonia

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