Leadership in and for doctoral education

The 2024 EUA-CDE Thematic Workshop will address the multiple dimensions of leadership in doctoral education. To meet today’s large-scale, complex societal challenges and to respond to the big transformation processes in higher education and research, it is of critical importance to reflect on and develop leadership capacities among everyone involved in doctoral education. By broadening the scope of leadership to include all groups within doctoral education (academic leadership, professionals, doctoral candidates), this event aims to address leadership in doctoral education in a multifaceted way. It provides a platform for EUA-CDE members to reflect upon their own experiences and the type of institutional support available for leadership development at their university, discuss how to foster leadership skills among doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers and explore how to lead doctoral schools and programmes in the context of systematic and institutional transformation.

Given that all the actors who are in doctoral education benefit from leadership skills in their everyday activities, this event will be of interest for the entire EUA-CDE community including academic leaders, doctoral school managers and professionals, postdoctoral researchers and doctoral candidates. Please note that the event is reserved to EUA-CDE members only.

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