EUA Workshop series: Digital Transformation (II)

Recent and rapid developments in the digital space have sparked a debate on the role of universities in shaping the digital transformation. In this second workshop, EUA invites university leaders to share their views on the future of the transition and universities’ place within it. Jointly facilitated by EUA and Zurich University of the Arts, this online event will allow participants to contribute to future thinking about the digital transformation of universities.

The accelerated deployment of online teaching and learning during the pandemic has prompted a broader discussion of the integration of digital technologies as a means of enhancing teaching and learning, as well as the administrative functions of universities. As such, the workshop will explore emerging questions around the use and ownership of data, the role of educational technologies in advancing institutional missions and the overall place of universities in promoting values-based transformation.  

Moreover, beyond institutional boundaries, the fast-evolving digital landscape continues to trigger economic, political and cultural shifts. In this context, it is critical that universities articulate their needs, establish their priorities and reaffirm their values. The workshop seeks to create a space for reflection and open dialogue on the societal factors that can both enhance and inhibit the digital transformation of universities:

  • Where do universities sit within the broader context?
  • How can universities successfully transform to deal with external factors within the sector?
  • What will it look like to study, research and work at universities in the future?

The workshop is open for applications from leaders of EUA member universities with institutional responsibility for digitalisation. Participants will be selected based on submissions of interest which outline notable developments in digitalisation carried out at institutional level, and with due consideration for the diversity of EUA’s membership.

**Please note that successful applicants will be invited to prepare a short contribution on emerging digital trends and the role of leaders in shaping the transformation of universities.**

This online workshop is the series’ second, following an in-person workshop on institutional strategies for digital transformation, hosted by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki on 10 March.  Prospective participants are invited to apply for one or both workshops in this two-part series. Applications for this (online) workshop will close on Friday 28 April. 

Wednesday 17 May from 10.00-12.00 CEST.

Opening: Welcome, tour de table and introduction (EUA and Zurich University of the Arts)

Session one: Universities of the Future – responding to current and emerging societal drivers


Session two: Presentations of participants’ visions, discussion and summary of key takeaways from session one         

Concluding presentation

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