EUA Workshop series: Digital Transformation (I)

As the pace of technological development accelerates, universities need to design and implement strategies that can respond to major shifts in the digital landscape. In this first of a series of EUA workshops on digital transformation in higher education and research, a select group of university leaders will share best practices and engage in a Europe-wide discussion focusing on institutional policies.

This event will also foster discussion on the development of holistic strategies that allow institutions to harness the potential of digital transformation and the fundamental questions that this raises for university leaders, such as:

  • Digitalisation has triggered rapid legal and socio-economic changes – how can university strategies keep pace?
  • How should institutions maximise developments in the digital space to realise (and enhance) their missions in research, education and innovation?
  • Does the transformation pose a threat to universities’ identity and core values?

Further reflecting on universities’ place in the broader debate around digitalisation, questions around cultural change within institutions also emerge. Successfully navigating the digital transition requires a human-centred approach, where administrators, learners and leadership are empowered to tackle challenges and embrace opportunities. Workshop participants will discuss good practices that enable this empowerment, and how can these be coordinated at institutional, national and European level.

The workshop is open for applications from leaders of EUA member universities with institutional responsibility for digitalisation. Participants will be selected based on submissions of interest which outline notable developments in digitalisation carried out at institutional level, and with due consideration for the diversity of EUA’s membership.

Prospective participants are invited to apply for one or both workshops in this two-part series. The second (online) workshop will take place on 17 May: The future of the digital transformation in universities – trends and responses.

9.30-10.30 Welcome from EUA and presentation from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Coffee break

11.00-12.30 My Institutional Strategy (three-minute presentation per participant)


13.30-14.30 EUA presentation on project and/or advocacy work around the digital transformation

Coffee break

15.00-15.45 Gallery walk based on questions arising from participant presentations

15.45-16.00 Final discussion and closing

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