UNI(di)versity project webinar

The European University Association (EUA) is pleased to present a webinar on the social responsibility of universities in the era of migration.

This webinar presented the outcomes of the UNI(di)versity project and showcased the crucial role played by higher education institutions in fostering the social inclusion of migrants and cultural diversity. Held shortly before International Migrants Day (18 December), this event aimed to engage in the global conversation about migration and encourage key stakeholders in the field to further support the inclusion of migrants in higher education by leveraging the project’s results after its conclusion.










The presentations are now available:


  • Henriette Stoeber, Policy Analyst, Higher Education Policy Unit, European University Association
  • Cati Jerez, Coordinator, Refugee Support Programme, University of Barcelona
  • Graziella Gaglione, Head of Internationalization of Didactics and European Programmes Office, Sapienza University of Rome
  • Cristina Giudici, Associate Professor in Demography, Department of Methods and Models for Economics, Territory and Finance, Sapienza University of Rome
  • Cristina Stefanelli, Project Manager, UNIMED
  • Lina Senen, Research Assistant, Diversity Lab, Utrecht University
  • Chaired by Alison Morrisroe, Policy and Project Officer, Higher Education Policy Unit, European University Association


Programme item


Welcome from EUA and housekeeping
Alison Morrisroe, EUA


Presentation of objectives of UNI(di)versity project
Graziella Gaglione, Sapienza University


Presentation of UNI(di)versity Atlas of Inclusion
Henriette Stoeber, EUA


Presentation of Toolkit for University staff and services
Cati Jerez, University of Barcelona


Presentation of Refugee Inclusion Programme and Diversity Strategy from Utrecht University
Lina Senen, Utrecht University


Launch of Strategic Framework for socially responsible universities in the era of migration
Cristina Giudici, Sapienza University



Launch of documentary “Refugee Girls”
Cristina Stefanelli, Project Manager, UNIMED


End of webinar
Alison Morrisroe, EUA

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