EUA webinar series: A new world? (2nd edition)

EUA is pleased to present a series of webinars addressing some of the major trends in international cooperation, European science policy and global higher education policy. Each webinar on this three-part series will last an hour and will include an opportunity for Q&A.

24 March, 14.00 - 15.00 CET

Two years ago, the pandemic hit Europe and the world and halted most physical travel. At the same time it also meant expansion and innovation in online, non-presential learning and demonstrated how global data sharing can make science respond quickly. What were the direct effects on universities and what does the future look like – will we build back better or go back to the old normal? This webinar looked at evidence of the impact of the pandemic as a basis for a discussion about the future.


  • Giorgio Marinoni, Manager, HE and Internationalization Policy and Projects, International Association of Universities: The global impact of the pandemic
  • Ulrich Grothus, President, Academic Cooperation Association: The impact of the pandemic on mobility
  • Inge Van Nieuwerburgh, Coordinator Scholarly Communication, Ghent University: Did the pandemic help Open Science?

Watch the recording:









Related to this webinar series, EUA organised another one in 2021 entitled: "A new world? Universities in changing international relations". It consisted of three webinars, which can be seen on the EUA Youtube playlist dedicated to this webinar series.

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