EU-Africa Summit Pre-Event: hosted by EUA and OBREAL Global

African higher education institutions and sectors have been enhancing their capacity for domestic and international collaboration. This is critical for their contribution to the political, social and economic developments across the continent. It also stimulates interest for exchange and collaboration in parts of the world, including in Europe.

The EU-Africa Partnership’s 2018 Abidjan statement for growth, development and equity commits to meeting global and local challenges by prioritising education and research.

Hosted by OBREAL Global and EUA, the event will explore on how regional frameworks for quality assurance and recognition can support interinstitutional exchange and collaboration, within and between regions.

The event takes place during the EU’s Africa Week, on 10 February at 14.00-17.15 CET, as an official pre-event of the Africa-EU Summit. Find out more information and register on the event page.

About the Africa-Europe week

From 14 to 18 February 2022, stakeholders from Africa and Europe will come together to strengthen the partnerships between the two continents through a series of policy events and cultural performances in the margins of the 6th African Union – European Union Summit to take place in Brussels.

Global common challenges require the two continents to engage in a renewed series of political and policy dialogues with citizens at their centre. The improved cooperation envisioned by the Africa-Europe Week is set to bring benefits not only to Africa and Europe but to the planet as a whole.

The Week will revolve around three workstreams: the first two streams are policy-focused and will see civil society, local authorities and youth organizations discuss a wide range of themes such as digital transformation, equitable green partnerships, health and education. At the end of each thematic dialogue, the participants will present their policy recommendations to the African and European leaders.

The third workstream has culture at its core. Cultural events such as music and film exhibitions will dye the Africa-Europe Week with the colours of diversity, bringing together artists and art enthusiasts from every corner of the two continents.

The stakeholders-led approach that will characterize the Africa-Europe Week signals the beginning of more people-centred Africa-Europe relations, bringing tangible and concrete benefits to citizens.

The Africa-Europe partnership was first established in 2000 during the Africa-EU Summit in Cairo, Egypt. Since then, the two continents have engaged in several political dialogues and initiatives to bring forward a shared vision on a number of topics.

You can follow our participation in the Africa–Europe Week and register here:


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