University values: what, why and how?

In recent years, many countries have gone through a large-scale, societal reflection on democratic values. For universities, this development implies that particular attention must be paid to safeguarding values such as academic freedom, university autonomy and freedom of expression. In order to remain environments that are defined by openness, freedom of thought and enquiry, and scientific rigour, universities must embrace their societal responsibility, foster a culture of academic integrity and engage in partnerships that both further their strategic objectives and honour their principles and values.

The 2022 EUA Annual Conference will provide a platform to discuss which values shape the missions and strategic objectives of Europe’s universities and how these values help to guide their activities. Through plenary and breakout sessions of various formats, including audience participation, the conference will also provide insights into the measures universities can take to ensure that their values are understood and lived individually and collectively. Finally, the event will invite the audience to reflect on and share measures to uphold academic values even in a context of mounting external pressures.

The event will be of interest to institutional leaders (rectors, vice-rectors and heads of administration), higher education researchers and analysts, as well as representatives of other bodies involved in educational policy.

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Welcome from the rector

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The Budapest University of Technology and Economics is celebrating its 240th academic year. A great anniversary for the institution educating many generations of engineers and other professionals. BME focuses on both education and research and understands the importance of both scientific and teaching excellence, along with academic values withstanding times and eras.

Our international partnerships in Europe and globally are considered key elements to uphold these values. This is why we were original signatories of the Magna Charta Universitatum in 1988 and contributed to and then signed its 2020 format. Also for this reason, we are honored to host the 2022 European University Association's annual meeting at our institution. We understand the importance of the largest university organization in Europe, which ensures a coherent and unified representation of higher education institutions in a world where strong joint academic appearance is necessary on the higher education horizon and beyond. The values we represent are stable in the long run despite all interferences, such as the current pandemic and several other factors that create challenges constantly for our institutional structures, methodologies and our people. What assists us in the preparation to tackle all these is the frequent international and national exchange of experiences and best practices, and sharing the results of our teaching, research and innovation.

I do hope that our conference will be held with the possibility for face-to-face participation of the EUA community including new candidates for membership. With these thoughts, I invite and welcome all participants to the 2022 EUA annual meeting, which will be held at the BME in Budapest. Together with our colleagues, we make sure to provide the highest quality professional meeting organization so you can have a great exchange of information and experience traditional Hungarian hospitality.

Tibor Czigány




Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)

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Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) was founded in 1782 and it has been regarded as Hungary’s number one technical higher education institution for nearly 240 years. BME has been offering outstanding professional knowledge and extraordinary technical solutions to respond to various challenges. Its operation and high-standard of academic achievement greatly contribute to the country’s present and future economic performance.

At the university’s eight faculties and 76 departments, there are as many as 1,200 lecturers teaching 5,000 subjects and 10,000 courses each semester. Professionals graduating from BME have a strong theoretical and scientific background and, equipped with relevant economic and domain-based competences, they also have the capacity to apply holistic approaches in understanding various processes. BME's menu of training programs is constantly expanding, partly by relying on the needs signaled by the market and the industries, and also by keeping abreast of the latest trends in technology.

Being Hungary's number one institution providing training in the fields of technology, natural science, and economics is also justified by its prestigious position in the Hungarian higher education rankings, the average score of those admitted to the university, the number of applicants holding language exams, and the number of teachers with a PhD.

With its regular high-ranking positions (between 200 and 800), BME is among the top universities (2-6%) globally. BME’s programs provide opportunities for Hungarian students to study at foreign universities or go abroad to work and, in turn, BME’s foreign language programs attract an increasing number of students from across the world. Students arriving from foreign countries, totaling nearly 2,300 this academic year, represent over 12% of BME’s enrolment, and graduates of 2020 were from over 30 countries.




BME BudapestBudapest is the capital city of Hungary, as well as its political, economic and cultural centre. A rich history and innovative future merge here, resulting in a beautiful and livable city for 1.7 million inhabitants. Due to its unique natural and architectural factors it is one of the most popular European tourist destinations. With an excellent railway connection to Vienna, Bratislava, Ljubljana, Prague, Munich, or even Zurich, and by direct flights from many big cities across Europe, Budapest can be reached easily, without a stopover.

Visitors come to admire the Parliament building, Heroes’ Square, Saint Stephen’s Basilica, the Castle District of Buda, or the Synagogue in Dohány Street – the largest synagogue in Europe. Once in Budapest, you may also relax in any of the famous thermal baths, as our capital is blessed with an abundance of hot springs.

For lovers of culture, numerous theatre halls offer excellent programmes, while the splendid buildings of Müpa (Palace of Arts) and Zeneakadémia (Music Academy) are the main venues for classical music fans. Grab a Lángos with garlic for an authentic street food experience or visit one of the Michelin-starred restaurants; to taste Hungarian cuisine, you can choose from a wide variety of restaurants and bistros around Budapest. For a truly fiery adventure, order a shot of Pálinka as your appetizer. You can easily reach your destinations downtown with the extensive public transportation network, that includes the oldest continental metro line in Europe – opened in 1896.


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The early registration deadline is 15 March 2022
The overall deadline for registration is 13 April 2022.

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Participant fees do not cover travel and accommodation expenses or post-conference programmes.

Information regarding the General Assembly

EUA members are encouraged to attend the EUA General Assembly (GA). EUA members who register for the Annual Conference will be able to indicate during the registration process whether they wish to attend the General Assembly.

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Neither EUA nor Budapest University of Technology and Economics will be liable for any losses, accidents or damage to persons or objects, regardless of the cause. Participants and companions attend the conference and all related events at their own risk and responsibility.


EUA Coordination Team

For enquiries regarding the programme, please contact:

Helene Peterbauer
Policy & Project Officer, Institutional Development Unit

For enquiries regarding registration, please contact:

Aurelie Clenet and Valerie Raskin 
Events Officer and Assistant

Coordination at Budapest University of Technology and Economics

For enquiries regarding local logistics and registration payments, please contact:

Dóra Pivarcsi-Fekete & Bíbor Bánfi-Klekner
International coordinators


The conference will take place at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. 

Wednesday 27 April – pre-conference meetings
BME Building K (BME main building)
1111 Budapest, Muegyetem rakpart 3

Thursday 28 and Friday 29 April - Annual Conference
BME Building Q
1117 Budapest, Magyar Tudosok korutja 2

Thursday 28 April - Networking reception and gala dinner

Bálna Event Center
1093 Budapest, Fővám tér 11-12


For more information on how to get to the venue and practicalities for the conference, please consult this document.   

Please consult the map with the location of the 2022 Annual Conference and the hotels that are listed below.

All hotels are accessible with a single tram ride from the venue of the conference (BME Building K and Building Q).


Hotels in Budapest

Prices from

B&B Hotel Budapest City 3*

€ 59

ibis Styles Budapest City 3*

€ 66

Mercure Budapest Korona Hotel 4*

€ 99

Radisson Blu Béke Hotel, Budapest 4*

€ 104

Courtyard by Marriott Budapest City Center 4*

€ 109

Monastery Boutique Hotel Budapest 4*

€ 120

Novotel Budapest City & Budapest Congress Center 4*

€ 130

Hotel Clark Budapest 4*

€ 196

Please find here the most updated Covid-19 regulations for entering Hungary.

Regulations (valid since August 8, 2021):

You can enter Hungary by road, rail and waterway from Croatia, Austria, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine without any epidemiological restrictions, regardless of your nationality and coronavirus immunity, but you must have other general conditions for entry (e.g. a valid travel document). The following restrictions apply when entering by air.

In the case of entry by air, the following rules shall apply:

The designated border crossing points can be found on the website of the police ( under the border information menu item.

The following categories can enter Hungary without being subject to restrictions:

  • those crossing the border in freight traffic,
  • persons holding diplomatic or a diplomatic service passport or a service passport for seamen,
  • persons reporting to entry holding a private passport or other travel document for the purpose of official visit (the purpose of official visit shall be proved with documents),
  • those providing satisfactory proof while entering Hungary that they have undergone COVID-19 infection within 6 months prior to reporting to entry;
  • those providing their protection against the COVID-19 while entering Hungary with valid immunity certificate (issued according to the 60/2021 Government Decree) with the travel document indicated on the immunity certificate, and a person under his/her supervision who enters Hungary with him/her and has not reached the age of eighteen;
  • those providing their protection against the COVID-19 while entering Hungary with valid immunity certificate issued by a State specified by decree of the Minister responsible for foreign policy and a person under the age of 18 years under his/her supervision who enters Hungary along with him/her;
  • who, by presenting an immunity card issued by a country listed in MFAT Decree No. 17/2021 (V. 22.) on the unilateral recognition of immunity certificates, certifies his/her COVID immunity and a person under the age of 18 years under his/her supervision who enters Hungary along with him/her;
  • who certifies that SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus was not detectable in his/her body at the time of the study with a SARS-CoV-2 PCR test in Hungarian or English, which is not older than 72 hours, made in a country according to the 60/2021. (II. 12.) of the Government paragraph 3(2a) a)-i).

Verifying the COVID immunity with a certifying application corresponding the requirements laid down in Government Decree No. 60/2021 (II. 12.) on certifying COVID immunity is equivalent to presenting an immunity card. When certifying immunity with an application, the person concerned may be called upon to present an official document certifying his/her personal identity.

It is equivalent to presenting an immunity certificate if the person concerned certifies with a digital COVID certificate pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2021/953 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 June 2021 on a framework for the issuance, verification and acceptance of interoperable COVID-19 vaccination, test and recovery certificates (EU Digital COVID Certificate) to facilitate free movement during the COVID-19 pandemic that (s)he

  • was vaccinated against COVID on at least one occasion and one year has not elapsed since the first vaccination
    • with a vaccine approved by the European Medicines Agency or
    • with a vaccine validated by the World Health Organization for emergency use or
    • with a vaccine allowed in Hungary and used to vaccinate the population or
  • is immune for having recovered from COVID or
  • based a molecular biological test – which is not older than 72 hours – corresponding the professional criteria of healthcare (SARS-CoV-2 PCR test), can prove that no SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus was present in his/her body at the time of the examination.

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