27 May 2021,  14:00-15:00 CEST

This webinar offered an in-depth look at the latest university funding trends in Europe and addressed how to efficiently align funding policies and instruments to support university financial sustainability. Analysing data from across Europe, gathered through the EUA Public Funding Observatory, university leaders, managers and policymakers had the opportunity to discuss the next era of university funding, sharing both broad and strategic insights, as well as focused and practical approaches.

The webinar addressed some burning questions in the field, such as: How can universities preserve in their financial sustainability in a new context, where recovery is endangered by upcoming financial constraints, but where there are opportunities notably with the green and digital transitions? Where do we expect the major challenges and opportunities for university funding to come from? How can we best achieve synergies and alignment of funding policies and instruments to lead successful, long-lasting transformation?

Event participants heard from institutional and sector representatives, who shared best practices and examples, while reflecting on the future.

A recording of the webinar is available on our EUA Youtube Channel.

Speakers and presentation

    • Virginie Dupont, President, University of Southern Brittany, France and Vice-President, Conference of University Presidents (France)
    • Ondřej Hradil, Research Infrastructures Manager, Masaryk University, Czech Republic
    • Maurizio Tira, Rector, University of Brescia, Italy

    • Moderator: Thomas Estermann, Director for Governance, Funding and Public Policy Development, EUA
    • Speaker for part 1: Enora Bennetot Pruvot, Deputy Director for Governance, Funding and Public Policy Development, EUA

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