The 23rd EUA General Assembly (GA) will take place online on Friday 30 April, 10.00-12.15 CEST.

Executive heads of EUA members institutions will have received the invitation to register together with the draft meeting agenda on Wednesday 3 March from EUA Secretary General, Amanda Crowfoot. Registrations are open until Friday 16 April. Please write to if you wish to participate but did not receive the registration link.

The 2021 EUA Board election will be conducted during the GA. Executive heads of full EUA members will be invited to vote for their three preferred Board candidates for the 2021-2025 term. Each of the six candidates selected by the EUA Nominations Committee and endorsed by EUA Council will briefly address the GA at the start of the meeting before voting is opened to eligible participants. Election results will be announced before the meeting closes.

In addition to the Board election, the GA agenda includes regular statutory business, an overview of EUA’s main achievements in 2020 as well as priority actions for 2021, and a discussion with GA participants on the long-term impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the university sector.

An updated meeting agenda will be circulated to members, together with access to related documents, on Friday 16 April.

Members who wish to register participation are kindly asked to take note of the information provided on voting eligibility and proxy nominations.


EUA full members (individual and collective) with no outstanding memberships fees, up to and including 2021 are eligible to vote in the Board election and on statutory items presented during the GA. The deadline for receipt of fee payments is Friday 9 April. EUA members who have paid membership fees in full and who have registered for the General Assembly will receive an email granting access to the online voting platform by Friday 23 April. Enquiries related to payment of membership fees can be directed to 


Voting is open to executive heads (university presidents, rectors and vice-chancellors and presidents of rectors' conferences) of full EUA members. Executive heads who are unable to attend the GA may nominate a representative from within their leadership team (e.g. vice-rector) to vote on their behalf.

Alternatively, executive heads may nominate the head of another EUA full member to vote on their behalf. Please note that any member of the General Assembly may hold only one proxy from another EUA full member. The nominated proxy institution must also have paid all outstanding membership fees.


Executive heads wishing to nominate a proxy should send a completed proxy nomination letter to by Friday 9 April at the latest.



1. Welcome by the EUA President

2. Approval of the agenda and rules of procedure

3. Presentation of candidates for EUA Board

4. Election of three Board members for the period 2021-2015 using DigitalMeetingTechnology

5. Approval of the 2020 financial report and accounts and 2021 budget (with a preview of the 2022 budget)

6. Appointment of the auditors for the 2021 accounts

7. Approval of 2022 EUA membership fees

  • Individual full members
  • Collective full members
  • Individual associate members
  • Collective associate members – European networks
  • Affiliates
  • Council for Doctoral Education

8. Overview of main EUA achievements in 2020 and priorities for 2021

9. Discussion: ‘Covid-19 one year on: what will be the pandemic’s long-term impact on the university sector?’

10. Announcement of results of EUA Board election

11. AOB

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