Artificial intelligence, data management and the digital world of doctoral education

This year, the EUA-CDE Thematic Workshop will be organised in the form of online sessions on 21-22 January 2021. The EUA-CDE community of more than 260 universities will gather to discuss emerging issues related to digitalisation from the perspective of doctoral education.

Nowadays, digitalisation plays an important role in our society as it daily affects our lives. This is also true for the whole research process, including the collection and analysis of data, the interaction between researchers across geographical boundaries or the communication of results. In this context, artificial intelligence and other forms of data-driven research have increasingly been the focus of discussions as they provide new and unexpected opportunities, but also raise questions related to the risks attached to the development of such new technologies.

The 2021 EUA-CDE Thematic Workshop will focus on the role of doctoral education in the context of these rapid technological and conceptual changes, how doctoral schools are influenced and how they can make efficient use of emerging digital technologies. It will discuss the training and skills needs of doctoral candidates and provide a forum for an exchange of reflections and good practices.   

This event will provide an occasion to discuss these issues and identify innovative solutions together with other EUA-CDE members and stakeholders active in this field.

It will be of interest to anyone involved in doctoral education including academic leaders, doctoral education professionals, supervisors and doctoral candidates.

The workshop’s programme is divided into two main parts. It combines two webinars open to anyone with an interest in doctoral education and several online sessions reserved to EUA-CDE members only.

Registration is free of charge and the deadline is 19 January 2021.


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 2021 EUA-CDE Thematic Workshop 


Thursday 21 January 2021

14.00 – 14.10 CET          Welcome to the EUA-CDE Thematic Workshop online sessions

14.10 – 15.15  CET         Session I : webinar
                                              How artificial intelligence impacts and shapes doctoral education

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16.00 – 17.15 CET       Session II: Digital skills needs and training for early-career researchers   
Reserved for EUA-CDE members and number of participants per session is limited.
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Friday 22 January 2021

11.00 – 12.15 CET          Session III: webinar
                                             FAIR data management and research data in doctoral education

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13.30 – 14.30 CET      Session IV: New challenges for research ethics and research integrity training in the digital era
                                   Reserved for EUA-CDE members and number of participants per session is limited.

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14.30 – 15.30 CET      Networking session

                                    To end the day, participants will be divided into several virtual rooms where they can share their
                                    views and experiences on different topics related to doctoral education.                               
                                    Reserved for EUA-CDE members 

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