Focus Group: Student Entrepreneurship – Learning for Impact


The European University Association (EUA) and the University of Antwerp are organising a focus group for university leaders from across Europe to discuss university strategies and approaches towards student entrepreneurship. The event builds upon EUA’s work on universities as drivers of innovation ecosystems and will be hosted by the University of Antwerp in Antwerp, Belgium.

Universities are seeking ways to mobilise and cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit of their students. The topic is gaining importance with the emphasis on digital innovation and green transition in the priorities of the European Commission.  EUA aims to support universities in developing strategies towards student entrepreneurship that help to achieve a more innovative and sustainable economy. It also seeks to promote dialogue between stakeholders at the system level in order to ensure that regulatory and funding frameworks empower universities to achieve their full potential.

1. Event description

EUA invites university leaders from across Europe with experience in developing and implementing institution-level strategies to foster student entrepreneurship to exchange and share their views on this important topic. Participants will be asked to reflect and comment on each other’s experience, and they will have opportunities for sharing good practices through peer learning among institutional leaders in an exclusive forum. The outcomes of the discussion will feed into EUA’s advocacy efforts at the European Union level.

The focus group, conducted in English, will be a one-day event built on presentations by EUA, the University of Antwerp, as well as open discussions between all participants. Key questions will be sent in advance and participants should be prepared to contribute actively to the discussions.

Presentations will touch on specific aspects such as developing learning methods that focus on impact, for example working on real-life challenges in their regions, and engaging students directly in research and innovation activities. The event will be an opportunity to meet and engage with university leadership from all over Europe and hear about good practices from different contexts.

The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 25, and applicants will be selected according to the criteria specified under point 2 below (selection criteria). There is no registration fee, and participants are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation costs. Meals and refreshments on the day of the event will be provided free of charge to participants. Applicants should not make any travel arrangements before they have officially been selected for participation. Participants selected to take part in the event will receive additional practical information in due course.

2. Selection criteria

Applicants will be selected based on their experience with the topic and their motivation to attend. Special consideration will be given to ensuring a geographical balance as well as a diversity of experiences and institutional profiles. Applicants should have an institution-wide responsibility related to student entrepreneurship (vice rector, director for innovation or similar).

3. Submitting your expression of interest

To submit your expression of interest, please click on the link below, fill in the application form and do not forget to click on the red button at the end.

The deadline for applications is Tuesday 21 April 2020 (Brussels time).

We strongly encourage you to submit your application to participate as soon as possible.

Applicants will be informed about the selection results in the course of April.

4. COVID-19 and travel restrictions

In the case of continued restrictions on travel, movement and events related to COVID-19, the focus group will be held virtually. Participants will receive information in due time.

For more information please contact Lenka Kuzelova at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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