EUA elections 2023

The European University Association (EUA) will hold elections to fill several positions during the Association’s General Assembly, taking place in Gdánsk, Poland, on 20 April 2023.

The Assembly will be invited to vote for the EUA President for the period 2023-2027. The EUA Council has endorsed three candidates for the position of President, based on a recommendation by the EUA Nominations Committee, following a call for nominations and selection process. The three candidates are listed below.

The successful candidate will take office from 1 July 2023, after the term of office of Michael Murphy comes to an end.

An election to fill several open Board positions will also take place at the Assembly.  The Nominations Committee continues the process to interview and select nominees for Board and will submit a list of candidates for endorsement by the Council at its next meeting, taking place end January.

Presidential candidates

  • Janet BeerVice-Chancellor (until end 2022), University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

  • Josep Maria Garrell i GuiuFormer Rector, Ramon Llull University, Spain, and EUA Board member

  • Ivanka PopovićFormer Rector, University of Belgrade, Serbia, and EUA Board member

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