EUA-CDE events: call for hosts

The call for hosts is now closed. EUA-CDE is looking for member universities to host the following events: EUA-CDE Thematic Workshop, and EUA-CDE Annual Meeting.

EUA-CDE Thematic Workshop

The EUA-CDE Thematic Workshop is open exclusively to EUA-CDE members and offers them an interactive platform to establish and intensify partnerships and to collaborate and exchange practices related to current trends and future challenges in doctoral education.

  • Period: mid January
  • Event days: Thursday and Friday
  • Expected attendance: 120-150


EUA-CDE Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of EUA-CDE is the largest and most comprehensive gathering of professionals and experts working on doctoral education and research training. It is an opportunity to build new partnerships and exchange practices and interact with European and national policy makers, funding organisations, quality assurance agencies, global partners and other relevant stakeholders.

  • Period: mid June
  • Event days: Thursday and Friday, with pre-meeting workshop and reception on Wednesday afternoon
  • Expected attendance: 200-250


EUA-CDE selects the hosts of its events through a Call for Host that is typically opened on a yearly basis. The hosts for the next edition are usually being selected in January of the year before (bid submission deadline in early December).

The hosts are expected to be EUA-CDE member universities, located in the EHEA and able to offer:

  • An easily accessible location from across Europe (international airport hub)
  • Plenary and breakout rooms equipped with audio-visual equipment
  • Function areas for registration, catering and exhibition
  • Venues for social programme (e.g. reception, dinner)
  • Stable Wi-Fi network
  • Facilities for streaming and video recording
  • Technical support during the event
  • Support staff for the preparation and the duration of the event
  • Student helpers during the event
  • Hotels, preferably within walking distance of the event venue
  • Local transport, if necessary


Applications need to be submitted by the EUA-CDE member university. Applications sent by convention bureaus or conference centres will not be considered. There is a preference to organise EUA events at the university’s premises. EUA-CDE takes into account geographic balance in deciding upon the location of its events, as well as ease of access.

Guidelines with the specific requirements and division of responsibilities for these events are available via the links below. If you are interested to host any of the above events, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will be happy to send you the template for submitting a full bid.

The deadline for submission of full bids for the 2020 EUA-CDE events is 3 December 2018.

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