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As the UK’s departure from the EU will inevitably have an impact on European higher education and research, EUA has closely followed the Brexit debate and initiated related advocacy activities on behalf of its members. The Association is working towards retaining the strong links between universities in the UK and the rest of Europe. EUA is cooperating closely with its member Universities UK (UUK) with the aim that British universities are and will remain an essential part of the European family of universities, which extends beyond EU borders.

In this effort, EUA is using its expertise in higher education and research policy to follow Brexit’s potential impact on the higher education sector. The Association has also published several statements and factsheets, which can be seen below. EUA will continue to follow the Brexit negotiations, provide up-to-date information to its members and reinforce contacts at European level to advocate for close cooperation between the EU and the UK in higher education and research also after Brexit.

Advocacy and statements

08 March 2018

Brexit: EUA calls for comprehensive agreement on academic cooperation
As Brexit negotiations between the EU and the UK are moving into the second phase, EUA urges the EU institutions to include a comprehensive view on research, higher education and mobility cooperation in the additional negotiation guidelines for phase 2 to be adopted in late March. 
11 December 2017

Brexit negotiations: First phase ends on a positive note for universities
On 8 December 2017, the European Commission and the British government declared that they reached an agreement on citizens’ rights after Brexit. Details of the agreement state that the UK will continue to pay according to the commitments made in the 2014-2020 EU’s financial framework, which include Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+. This means that UK universities can fully participate in both programmes until they end, even after the UK will have left the EU.
24 March 2017

EUA and UUK welcome EU ambitions for research and innovation after Brexit
EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier outlined his view on the approaching negotiations with the UK in a speech in Brussels on 22 March.
17 January 2017

Theresa May’s Brexit speech: EUA applauds focus on science, research and innovation
Despite its regret about the UK leaving the EU, EUA is pleased that UK Prime Minister Theresa May explicitly highlighted science, research and innovation in a much anticipated speech on Brexit.
20 October 2016

Brexit: Funding issue clarified for EU students applying to study in UK
The UK has provided an important update on the status of EU students in connection to Brexit.
09 September 2016

Update: Europe’s universities after the Brexit vote
Read the statement and the short factsheet published by the EUA in September 2016
22 July 2016

Universities UK Statement: European university leaders call for continued collaboration after Brexit vote
University leaders from 24 European countries signed a joint statement to stress the importance of continued European university collaboration following the UK's vote to leave the EU.
24 June 2016

Despite Brexit, UK universities remain part of European family
EUA will continue to work with and for British universities. The Europe of universities will not be divided!
17 March 2016

UK university leaders and scientists mobilise against Brexit
Open letter by more than 150 eminent scientists on why leaving the EU could be a disaster for science




EUA has published a Brexit & universities FAQ to provide answers based on the current information on the situation:

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Read also:
EUA Brexit Factsheet: UK – European Research Collaboration and Student Mobility
After the Brexit Referendum: Possible outcomes for Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+



On June 7 2017, EUA organised a webinar on "Brexit: What will it mean for universities?" Below you can watch the webinar recording:

Vivienne Stern, Director, Universities UK and Thomas Jorgensen, Senior Policy Coordinator, EUA, presented views from London and Brussels on how the situation is today and how it could evolve in future. The presentations from both speakers are also available online:
"Brexit, research and higher education" by Vivienne Stern, Universities UK
"Brexit: What is in the cards? The Brussels Perspective" by Thomas Jorgensen, European University Association


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