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Funding Forum

The Funding Forum is a unique, inclusive platform open to all higher education funding stakeholders – universities and students, public authorities, public and private funders and partners.
The Forum aims to put forward the views of the sector to national and European decision-makers. Designed as a biennial event, the Forum notably seeks to:

  • Analyse the impact of the economic crisis on Europe’s universities
  • Look into the future of European funding for universities and their challenges
  • Examine the consequences of integrating ‘performance’ criteria in funding models
  • Explore new ideas to bring money into higher education
  • Help university leaders to design adequate strategies in response to funding changes
  • Discuss both the funders’ and the students’ perspectives on sustainable funding

The first edition of the Forum, held in Salzburg in June 2012, gathered close to 200 participants from over 110 institutions distributed in 29 countries. The wide variety of universities and higher education stakeholders represented ensured the success of this initiative.

The second edition of the Forum was held in Bergamo in October 2014 and was attended by 250 participants from over 200 institutions of 39 countries, reflecting the growing interest for the topic at European and international level.

In 2016, EUA is organising the third edition of the Forum in Porto. The Forum will take place on Thursday 6 and Friday 7 October 2016. 

EUA UniversityLeadersPerspectives TITELIn October 2014, the university community met in Bergamo, Italy, to discuss the challenges ahead on the occasion of the second EUA Funding Forum. This unique platform for debate saw university leaders from different European countries argue for long-term stability and vision in difficult and changing times.

With the publication “University Leaders' Perspectives: Governance and Funding”, EUA takes the conversation forward. A selection of university leaders, who participated in the Forum directly or indirectly, provide their views on a series of issues connected to governance and funding.

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