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Brexit: EUA calls for comprehensive agreement on academic cooperation

08 March 2018

Brexit negotiations between the EU and the UK are moving into the second phase. The talks during the coming months will focus on finalising the withdrawal agreement including a transitional regime, and establishing a framework for the future relationship.

What seems to be clear now is that the framework for the future relationship will only take the form at this stage of a political declaration, which then will be followed up with detailed negotiations on the thematic areas. To ensure that research, higher education and mobility are among these thematic areas, EUA calls for a comprehensive view on academic cooperation and urges the EU institutions to include this in the additional negotiation guidelines for phase 2 to be adopted in late March. This would help prepare the ground for associating the UK with the EU’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation as well as Erasmus+, the details of which would have to be drawn up in a legally binding form at a later stage.

Read the full EUA statement.

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