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Invitation to EUA members to contribute to a study on DG Research’s Intersectoral Mobility scheme

29 June 2017

The Centre for Strategy & Evaluation Services (CSES), EPRD, PPMI and Innova+ are undertaking a study for the European Commission’s DG Research and Innovation on Fostering Industrial Talents through the Intersectoral Mobility of Researchers.

The objective is to conduct a feasibility study into whether there is a place for additional EU-level initiatives in order to increase the level of intersectoral mobility in Europe. The form, scope and breadth of any proposed initiatives are to be developed and evaluated during the course of the study, and may serve as a best-practice model for academia and industry partners. The specific objectives are to:

• Ascertain the level of intersectoral mobility (ISM) of researchers in EU-28 Member States, EFTA/ EEA and candidate countries and between the EU and third countries;
• Identify examples of national and international intersectoral mobility schemes with a view to identifying a small number of best practice case studies and assessing the effects of ISM schemes; 
• Develop a better understanding of the barriers and drivers of the uptake of support for the intersectoral mobility of researchers, including training, guidance and funding;
• Assess whether there is a need for further EU-level intervention in the area of the intersectoral mobility of researchers and develop recommendations as to what form this may take.

As part of the study, CSES is carrying out a number of surveys, one of them being targeted at higher education institutions and research institutes. They would be very grateful if EUA members could answer the survey which is intended for those that have participated in an Intersectoral Mobility scheme only.

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