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Events organised by EUA

11th EUA-CDE Annual Meeting

Excellence through Diversity: Doctoral education in a globalised world
Celebrating the 10th anniversary of EUA-CDE, the Meeting highlights diversity as an enduring characteristic and strength of doctoral education in Europe.

EUA webinar: Learning and Teaching at European higher education institutions: findings from TRENDS 2018 survey

This webinar will share a set of first findings from the TRENDS 2018 survey, with a focus on current developments in Learning and Teaching, which is a more and more important topic at institutions and in policy discussions across Europe

EUA webinar: Exploring the impact of IEP

This webinar will explore the usefulness and impact of the Institutional Evaluation Programme (IEP) on evaluated institutions.

Workshop: University Autonomy in Europe - Trends, Benefits, Challenges and Threats

The European University Association (EUA), Universities UK (UUK) and the University of Leicester are organising a workshop to debate the issue of University Autonomy.

USTREAM peer learning seminar: Efficiency, leadership and governance

Campus VUB
The final USTREAM peer learning seminar, co-organised by EUA and HUMANE – Heads of University Management and Administration Network in Europe, will stimulate the discussion on how to close the gap between strategy formation and execution in order to achieve sustainable efficiency gains. The focus of the programme will be on identifying critical success factors, research evidence, contemporary strategy implementation practice, and the lived experiences of participants in overcoming barriers to achieve sustainable efficiency gains in our universities.

EUA webinar: The landscape of ‘Big Deal’ contracts across Europe: views from the university sector

This webinar will present the main outcomes of the EUA ‘Big Deals’ Survey, a case study from a European country and discuss the implications of ‘Big Deal’ contracts for universities in an open science era.

EUA 2018 Annual Conference

UZH 2018
Engaged and responsible universities shaping Europe
The 2018 EUA Annual Conference will discuss universities' pivotal role in generating knowledge, developing intercultural understanding and fostering civic engagement through their core missions.

Doctoral Education Event

The Transformation of Doctoral Education: Why it Matters for Europe
EUA and KVAB organise an event for European and national policy makers, leaders of higher education institutions and Brussels-based stakeholders on the contribution of doctoral education to higher education, research and society in Europe.

Energy Clustering Event

Nancy illustration-copyright University of Lorraine
"European Universities for a Clean Energy Future: Interdisciplinary Education, Training and Research"
The event will discuss and further develop the recommendations issued in the report “Energy Transition and the Future of Energy Research, Innovation and Education: An Action Agenda for European Universities”, a strategic document providing suggestions for universities and policymakers for the update of energy education and research programmes.

EUA webinar: Enhancing quality: from policy to practice

A webinar to present the results of the EQUIP project

Breakfast event: Enhancing Quality through Innovative Policy and Practice

Dissemination and discussion of the findings of the EQUIP project
This breakfast event is the culmination of the EQUIP project ‘Enhancing quality through innovative policy and practice’.

EUA webinar: Ten Principles for Enhancing Learning & Teaching at the European level

We propose a set of ten European Principles for the Enhancement of Learning & Teaching. They aim to serve institutional leaders in their quest to ensure the quality, relevance and attractiveness of higher education, and in engaging into discussions on learning and teaching within institutions. Join us on 1 February for a lively discussion on these Principles and their implementation.

EUA Focus group

Venue web
Universities and Public Engagement
EUA is organising a focus group for university practitioners across Europe to discuss how to articulate and implement strategies for public engagement on 19 January 2018.

11th EUA-CDE Thematic Workshop

C_Rene' Monseigneur
The Impact and Outcomes of Doctoral Education Reform in Europe
The EUA-CDE Thematic Workshop on doctoral education reform in Europe will reflect on the impact and outcomes of newly implemented practices and institutional structures.

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