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EUA is building strong universities for Europe through a programme of activities aimed at supporting their development. In addition to our policy and project work, members and partners can take part in a carefully designed programme of events that have been developed to respond to the needs of different sectors of the higher education community. EUA is offering special events for its members such as EUA Council for Doctoral Education or Annual Conference, and more targeted thematic workshops, focusing on specific issues affecting the university community.
As part of its project work EUA also organises regular events (conferences, workshops etc.) that are designed specifically for universities to collect and share examples of good practice. In addition of its onsite events EUA initiates on a regular base webinars.

EUA actively organises events with its partners on a wide range of issues relating to the different areas of its policy work. These include a number of events organised outside of Europe with other international organisations that are active in HE policy and cooperation.

To reinforce its role as the voice of Europe’s universities, EUA organises regular ‘networking events’ and sessions for the Brussels community to highlight different areas of its work and latest trends in the sector.

Call for host
EUA is currently looking for member universities to host the 2nd European Learning & Teaching Forum in February 2019. The deadline for applications is 15 December 2017. Download the Call for Host document for further details and instructions on how to apply.

Upcoming Events

12th European Quality Assurance Forum

Responsible QA: committing to impact
How can quality assurance (QA) ensure transparent and responsible action? The 12th EQAF will explore current developments in research, policy and practice from across Europe that tackle the need for QA to meet the needs of a wide range of internal and external stakeholders.

EUA Focus group

20150618_EUA-CDE_Annual_Meeting_113914 (003)
Universities’ Strategies and Practices towards Diversity and Inclusiveness
EUA is organising a focus group on “Universities’ Strategies and Practices towards Diversity and Inclusiveness” on 24 November 2017. The event will be hosted by the University of Lille - Human and Social Sciences in Lille, France.

EUA webinar: Lessons learnt from the thematic peer groups on learning and teaching

Following the work of the 2017 thematic peer groups and the 1st European Learning & Teaching Forum, EUA presents a webinar that will share some highlights and lessons learnt from these activities related to institutional responses to the changing learning landscape.

USTREAM peer learning seminar: National and institutional approaches to delivering efficiency

The second peer learning seminar will address national and institutional approaches to delivering efficiency. The focus will be to provide case studies on key efficiency measures implemented in Ireland and their impact and effectiveness.

EUA webinar: 2017 Public Funding Observatory

EUA releases the results of this year’s Public Funding Observatory, taking stock of the latest developments in funding to universities across Europe and reflecting on nearly a decade of financial monitoring of the sector. Join us for a lively discussion on the state of play and future of funding to universities in Europe.

11th EUA-CDE Thematic Workshop

C_Rene' Monseigneur
The Impact and Outcomes of Doctoral Education Reform in Europe
The EUA-CDE Thematic Workshop on doctoral education reform in Europe will reflect on the impact and outcomes of newly implemented practices and institutional structures.

EUA Focus group

Venue web
Universities and Public Engagement
EUA is organising a focus group for university practitioners across Europe to discuss how to articulate and implement strategies for public engagement on 19 January 2018.

EUA 2018 Annual Conference

UZH 2018
Engaged and responsible universities shaping Europe
The 2018 EUA Annual Conference will discuss universities' pivotal role in generating knowledge, developing intercultural understanding and fostering civic engagement through their core missions.

11th EUA-CDE Annual Meeting

Excellence through Diversity: Doctoral education in a globalised world
Celebrating the 10th anniversary of EUA-CDE, the Meeting highlights diversity as an enduring characteristic and strength of doctoral education in Europe.

4th EUA Funding Forum

More information will follow in early 2018.

13th European Quality Assurance Forum

More information will follow in early 2018.

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