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Hanne_SchmidtHanne Smidt has been a Senior Adviser at EUA since 2002 and has been involved in a wide range of projects that EUA has undertaken: Quality Culture, Joint Master, Doctoral Programmes, Creativity and the Master study. She was one of the authors of the study on financing of university-based research and of Trends V.

The development of the Lifelong Learning agenda and the 'European universities charter on lifelong learning' for EUA has been a core issue for her and she has, in this context, contributed to the Bologna Handbook with an article: 'Do European universities have a strategy for lifelong learning?' She was the General Rapporteur at the EUA Rotterdam Conference 'Inclusive and Responsive Universities', 2008, and was involved in Trends 2010.

She has recently started an independent higher education consultancy in Sweden.

Hanne Smidt began her career at Aarhus University and worked at the Danish National Rectors’ Conference before joining the EC TEMPUS Office in Brussels in 1992. During her years in Brussels she worked as an independent consultant for DG Relex (External Relations), for Danish Universities and for EUA as well as for the Confederation of European Rectors’ Conferences.

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